the savviness of a Chief Marketing Officer on your staff…without the expenses.
A trusted expert who thinks like a business owner…
and can execute all your marketing needs.




Local, Dedicated, and Passionate.

We are your advertising agency, your in-house marketing experts, your on-call marketing consultants. Our passion is to provide marketing solutions to locally owned businesses.

We are a collaborative group of marketing professionals, graphic designers, wordsmiths, photographers and videographers, web and social media specialists who cover all your needs. Your Local Marketing Team was created to help your business find the best mix of marketing strategies at a price you can afford. We have propelled the success of non-profits and companies for decades. Put our experience and up-to-date know-how to work for you.



Our Purpose
is to drive your profits and increase your company’s value.
As your marketing partner, we implement a well-thought-out advertising
strategy that drives revenue and amplifies your brand voice.




Our Five Core Beliefs

1. Confidentiality:

Understanding your business and the financial implications of good marketing are essential to doing our best work. Any information you share with us that is not publicly available will be treated as confidential.

2. Frugality:

We will invest your marketing dollars the same way we would if it was our money and will never recommend strategies we don’t feel are worth pursuing.

3. Sound Advice:

As your personal Chief Marketing Officer, we will give you our best recommendations based on our knowledge and research. Ultimately, you will be the decision-maker, but it is our duty to guide you through the process.

4. Meaningful Partnerships:

Our goal is to unlock your business potential with the help of good marketing through a long-term relationship. Marketing is a journey and the landscape is constantly changing. The best work and results are produced by growing together.

5. Integrative Marketing:

Simply means that you trust us with all aspects of marketing because it guarantees consistency for the brand voice. In order to achieve maximum impact, all pieces of the puzzle have to work together. Please forward us any third party proposals so that we can together determine the value proposition and how it fits into the overall plan.

Successful Marketing
is like a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces have to fit.
It takes patience and dedication; we will make it all happen
so that you can focus on your business.

Strategic Thinking
Consider all the time and energy you could save if you had someone else do all your marketing and advertising planning. It’s not a dream. YLMT has made it a reality.
Not sure where to invest your marketing and advertising dollars? Relieve yourself of stress and confusion by placing your budget in the hands of qualified professionals.
Media Planning & Buying
Don’t get lost in the weeds. Focus on what matters most to you and leave the media buying and placement to us.
Website Design & Development
Let us build customized websites perfectly suited for your brand and update all of your on-site content.
We tell your story and promote it on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Your story is also portrayed on Connected TV (Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, etc.) and FEP (Smart TV such as Sling).
Capturing the best moments of your business. Whether it’s a headshot, staff photoshoot, or an event, we’ll capture your best side.
Content Creation
Your audience will be kept engaged with fresh content. From blogs to articles, whitepapers, newsletters, and more, we provide you with customized content to help you stand out from the competition.
Graphic Design
We design customized assets such as logos, business cards, social media graphics, and more.
By designing logos, creating a tagline, and establishing trademarks we help you position your brand in the market.
Private Label Publishing
Our team creates and distributes private label assets such as year-end reports, brochures, and your own private label magazine.
Competitive Analysis
How are your marketing and advertising dollars impacting your bottom line? We’ll keep you informed about your business’s performance and show you your return on investment.
Search Engine Optimization
Your local, organic, and paid search results will improve with our SEO strategies and audits. YLMT manages your Google My Business listing, updates the content on your website, and makes sure your website has a fast load time and its backlinks are the highest quality.
Search Engine Marketing (PPC)
By bidding on keywords relevant to your business, we place you at the top of Google through our SEM campaign. As a Google Premier Partner, we follow Google’s best practices, so you get the most out of your paid campaign.
Email Marketing & Newsletter
The data you gather is collected and managed and then we distribute it to your existing client base through emails or print pieces.
Contest and Audience Engagement
Let YLMT create and run contests that are interactive and engaging. This provides your audience with a creative way to interact with your brand and builds trust and loyalty.
Social Media
Your social media presence is boosted by our professionals who manage your accounts and utilizing social media ad campaigns.
Programmatic Display
Top-of-funnel awareness is delivered through programmatic display advertising. We do this by using multiple targeting options to serve your audience with customized ads.
Location-Based Targeting
Potential customers are targeted on their devices based on their past or current location. This targeting is precise and efficient, which leads to increased engagement and conversions.
Streaming Radio
Your ads reach your audience through streaming radio platforms such as Pandora and Spotify. This raises awareness, conveys an in-depth message, and boosts your overall media mix performance.
Programmatic Native
Ads are created and served that look and feel like the websites your audience is engaging with. Essentially, the ad aligns itself with the website it is served on.
Direct Mail
We mail your ads directly to your customers’ door so that they can easily keep up with your brand.
Meet the Team
  • Marc Frey

    Marc Frey

    Chief Marketing Director

  • Alan May

    Alan May

    Director of Media Planning & Buying

  • Meredith DiMuzio

    Meredith DiMuzio

    Director of Sales

  • Marjan Jaklin

    Marjan Jaklin

    Technology Officer

  • Sasha Sweeney

    Sasha Sweeney

    Senior Creative Director

  • Rebecca Cashwell

    Rebecca Cashwell

    Creative Director

  • Anthony Garzilli

    Anthony Garzilli

    Chief Content Creator

  • Allyson Venrick

    Allyson Venrick

    Graphic Designer